The following set of rules lay down and describe the policies of reservations and services offered by Escape 105 Spółka Cywilna Dominik Sieradzki, Marcin Włudzik, Łukasz Głogowski NIP : 5862328534 REGON : 369520848, later on called an Organisator and a Service Consumer, later on called a Game Participant.

1. Basic Principals

1.1 By making a reservation and participating in an Escape Room scenario a Game Participant is acknowledging that he/she has familiarised him/herself with these rules and accepted them.

1.2 Special offers and promotions do not combine together.

2. Reservations and Payments

2.1 In order to use any of the services offered by the Organisator it is necessary to make a reservation via website or using a contact telephone number (+48) 729 962 050 not later than 45 minutes before the game starts.

2.2 While making a reservation, Game Participants ensures that the personal data he/she provided is correct.

2.3 Organisator has the right to refuse the reservation if the personal data provided by the Game Participant are incorrect or invalid.

2.4 Reservation of an Escape Room game(s) via the website or using the phone call requires for the Game Participant to state the name of a room, term of the reservation, personal data of at least one of the Game Participants (name, surname, e-mail adress and telephone number) and to accept these rules.

2.5 After finishing the reservation process Game Participant will receive a confirmation e-mail on an adress he/she provided with all the necessary details and information. If a Game Participant does not receive a confirmation e-mail withing several hours from the reservation, he/she is asked to contact the Organisator.

2.6 Making a reservation does not constitute an offer as per Polish law regulations.

2.7 In case of a resignation from a previously made reservation Game Participant is asked to contact the Organisator in the sonnest possible term via telephone call on (+48) 729 962 050 lor sending an e-mail to

2.8 Price list is located at a website

2.10 Payment can be made in cash right before beginning the game or via bank money transfer to:

Escape 105 Spółka cywilna
ul. Świętojańska 105/2
81-381 Gdynia
mBank 06 1140 2004 0000 3302 7752 0212

Transfer title should include name of the room(s) payed for, as well as date and time for which the reservation was made.

2.11 Due to a possibility of delay in money transfer, especially during the weekend, we are kindly asking to make the transfer as soon as possible, or to prepare an evidence that it has been made from the bank account in order to show it to the Organisator.

2.12 Lack of an evidence that the payment has been made may result in a refusement to provide the service by the Organisator.

3. Rules of the game

3.1 In order to participate in an Escape Room Game, Game Participant has to make a reservation and pay the correct due for the service.

3.2 Games are accessible for groups of no less than two and no more than five participants. Other restrictions may be made in particular rooms.

3.3 People under the influence of alcohol or any drugs whatsoever are strictly prohibited from participating in any of the games.

3.4 All of the Game Participants take part in a game on their own responsibility. It is not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia, epilepsy or are under psychiatric treatment to participate in a game.

3.5 All of the riddles are easily accessible for all of the Game Participants, regardless of their height or strenght. Climbing the decorations or forcing open any of the devices is not necessary in any case.

3.6  Game Participants are responsible for any damage made by any actions that excess what is needed in a normal course of play, as explained in 3.5 above.

3.7 Escape Room games are suitable for people of all ages, however some of the rooms may be inadvisable for individuals under 15 years old.

3.8 Time of the game can be found in the description of a particular room.

3.9 Game Participant is obliged to be at the Escape Room 10 minutes before the game starts in order to familarise with the rules. Any delay may result in a reduction of game time.

3.10 It is prohibited to use any of the audio or video recording devices while in an Escape Room.

3.11 Smoking, as well as using any lighters/matches is prohibited in an Escape Room.

4. Personal Data

4.1 Personal data provided by Game Participants are administered by Escape 105 Spółka cywilna in Gdynia ul. Świętojańska 105/2. Personal Data are processed in order to provide reservation services and possible complaints Game Participants my have.

4.2 Providing personal data is voluntary, however it is essential in order to make a reservation. Game Participants have the right to have access to this data and ask for its change or removal.

4.3 Personal data provided by Game Participants during the reservation process will be automaticaly deleted after 6 months.

5. Final Resolutions

5.1 Organisator may change any part of these rules at any moment.

5.2 Organisator uses video monitoring reserves the right to any recordings from it. Those recordings are available only to the Organisator, and will not be shared to any third parties.

5.3 In case of situation where a Game Participant acts against any of these rules, Organisator reserves the right to ask that Game Participant to leave without the right for refund.